Siouxland educators showcase new technology for Future Ready learning | SiouxlandProud | Sioux City, IA

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Local educators gathered Tuesday to showcase recent advancement in education.

Over at Career Academy, educators from around the Sioux City School District presented to the public the techniques and technology behind their Future Ready education model. Coding, virtual assignments, and online forum style group work are some of the the things that were on display.

Teachers said it really does make kids future ready.

“They are, I feel, more prepared for the future and more prepared to using technology, so you are able to see their achievement gains by teaching the standards but through the use of technology,” said Courtney Jungers.

The project also allows teachers to grow as educators.

“It’s really pretty neat and pretty cool, you get other ideas as an educator, you’re growing and realizing that maybe you thought of something but the other team didn’t or similar ideas but yet all different so you’re able to grow and learn from others as well,” Jungers said.

Each school in the district has a Future Ready group of educators who help keep the curriculum fresh and innovative. Sioux City joined the program back in 2018.