Smartphones and digital technology don’t dumb as down, says new study

Smartphones and Digital technology don’t make us stupid, they change the way we use our biological cognitive abilities – changes that are actually cognitively beneficial – finds a new study that explains how explains intelligent technology complements thinking.

In an article titled “Technology Can Change Cognition Without Necessarily Harming It” in the journal Nature Human Behavior, Anthony Chemero, a social / behavioral expert at the University of Cincinnati, explains that while there are many negatives to having intelligent technologyIt is also positive that the digital age does not make us stupid.

While there may be other consequences intelligent technology“Making us stupid isn’t one of them,” says Chemero.

By doing Paper, Chemero and colleagues at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management share how the digital age is evolving and how intelligent technology complements thinking and thus helps us to surpass ourselves.

According to Chemero, smart gadgets are like Smartphones and tablets act as aids that serve as tools that are easy to remember, calculate and store and present information when needed.

Despite the headlines, there is no scientific evidence to support it Smartphones and Digital technology impair our biological cognitive abilities.

Anthony Chemero

In addition, Digital technology expands decision-making powers that we would hardly achieve alone For example, when driving around in a new city, GPS technology is on on ours Smartphones Not only does it help us get there, it also enables us to choose a route based on traffic conditions, explains lead study author Lorenzo Cecutti, a graduate student at the University of Toronto.