January 17, 2021

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8 Links of Separation

So what is inside the brain of a smart city | by Ahmed Muhi | Nov, 2020

Unlike a human brain, a smart city brain would contain a group of specialised distributed brains, each brain works on a piece of the puzzle and makes his own decisions autonomously using his own data and algorithms though it can also be influenced by data from other brains.

In the centre we have a brain acting as the orchestrator. All the other brains feed it with relevant data, the orchestrator would be able to talk to all brains, and use critical data from one brain to influence the decision of another.

A city with brains that are isolated, and not working together is not a smart city, it’s a technologically advanced city, without an end to end solution, and without decisions being made based on data pulled from all corners of life, a city can’t be called a smart city.

This is the pitfall that I see a lot technologically advanced cities fall into, technologies are built in silos, they are disconnected, isolated, and don’t talk to each other.

Let’s consider a hit and run scenario in a truly smart city, a pedestrian got hit by a car, and the car driver fled the scene, leaving the pedestrian injured in a critical condition on the ground.

The first brain to catch the accident in action is the Security brain using a CCTV camera, and recognising it’s an accident it would first alert the police forces about the fleeing car driver, and second inform the orchestrator about the accident.

The orchestrator would immediately talk to the Healthcare brain to mobilise an ambulance to the accident location, and also ask the Mobility or Transport brain to help.

The Mobility brain would calculate the best route to the accident location and prioritise the ambulance car turning all traffic lights to green when possible, and second would notify civilian cars to route around the accident location to avoid a traffic jam.

All of this takes a minute or two, saving us precious time, enabling us to take action at the right time, and helping us save a life.

So for us to get the most out of technology and build a true smart city, I believe technology needs to be connected.

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