South San Francisco schools to sanitize with UV-C technology | Local News

Arc is the first hospital UV-C disinfection system designed for the dynamic environments of today’s organizations. Arc is the most powerful, human-centered and most adaptable UV-C system on the market.

The intelligent, technology-capable device is light, manoeuvrable and easy to use. 8 proprietary UV-C lamps provide 360-degree coverage and destroy 99.99% of surface and air pathogens – including those that cause coronavirus and seasonal flu. The LTE-M and GPS connectivity offers a verifiable trace of disinfection activities and enables the visibility of a historically invisible disinfection process for the first time.

Redundant, integrated safety mechanisms minimize the risk and guarantee almost zero exposure.

The security features include:

– A 30 second countdown before the cycle allows the operator to safely exit the room before a cycle begins.

– A pulsating light on top of the device warns visually that a cycle is starting.

– Four long-range PIR sensors with 360 ° visibility automatically turn off the arc to prevent exposure if a person enters a room during a cycle.

Arc’s strong, proven UV-C light kills over 99.99% of pathogens without using harmful chemicals. Therefore, it can also be used near food, electronics, plants and furniture. It’s deadly to pathogens, but kind to our planet.

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