Spring Hill ISD approves technology, furniture purchases | Education

Spring Hill’s ITS school board approved multiple classroom purchases on Monday.

The OK District spent $ 77,053 on 23 interactive televisions in high school and 14 in junior high.

The district also purchased 18 new Chromebooks for interactive television teachers for $ 7,650. Interim superintendent Penny Fleet said not all teachers who got the TVs needed updated Chromebooks.

“We started an initiative a year ago to replace projectors in our classrooms with interactive televisions instead of replacing projectors,” said Fleet. “It works as an interactive whiteboard, but it does a lot more because the teacher can project his computer screen up there and write notes on it. It was a great success.”

The board also approved a plan to rent Chromebooks at the high school as part of a pilot program.

“We’re going to be removing about 400 Chromebooks from inventory due to their age,” she said. “When we looked at how many we had to order due to registration, we looked at various options. Instead of buying 650, we will do the pilot leasing.”

It will cost $ 55,119 to lease the computers for four years, Fleet said. Buying the same number of Chromebooks would cost $ 217,000.

The lease will be paid out over four years, she said. The district will consider leasing in other locations if the high school program goes well.

In addition, the board approved the purchase of new classroom furniture at the middle school.

Fleet said some of the furniture on that campus was 30 years old. The school principal worked with the school’s leadership team to identify needs and which are most appropriate.

The campus will have 500 student tables and chairs. The desks are trapezoidal, which Fleet says means they can be spaced apart or fitted together for small group work.

In addition, the district purchases 25 teachers’ tables and chairs, 23 mobile teacher stations and 75 stools for small groups.

Fleet said the teacher’s desks have an end table that students can use when working with their teacher.

Together, the furniture purchases cost $ 117,015.

The board also swore new trustee Wayne Noon on the occasion of his 50th birthday. The board members were also reorganized. The new President is John Borens, the Vice President is Ben Shelton, and the Secretary is Dave Duncan.