Students adapt to new 1-1 technology in schools | IVHIGH Southwest

At Southwest High School, students were given their own Chromebook this school year, creating a new 1: 1 technology environment.

Chromebook distribution was new to Southwest students and employees. The technology this school year was something everyone had to adapt to and it generated a lot of opinions.

Victor Lopez, a 17-year-old senior and a member of the SHS Computer Science Club, said the Chromebooks help him be a more efficient student.

“With this new technology, I get my job done faster because most teachers do homework through Google Classroom, which gives me more free time to do other things I enjoy,” he said.

With the new Chromebook mandate, a lot of school and homework are now fully online. It offers a new source of learning for the students and also for the staff.

“The Chromebooks make class work much more efficient and most days I can even finish my homework before the class is over as I have the opportunity to get the work done faster than before,” said Lopez.

Although this new one-to-one technology in schools has its advantages, but also its disadvantages.

Emily Vizcarra, 16, said she believed the school shouldn’t just focus on technology but bring back some elements from the past.

Vizcarra wants the school to bring back the paper and pencil assignments. She expresses that she is tired of doing things online all the time. Sometimes she wishes that teachers would go back to the old school environment before this one-to-one technology.

“I feel like it’s another burden to think about and deal with,” she said. “I think the Chromebooks help us in some ways, but I just feel like we shouldn’t be using them for everything all the time. I wish we could go back to pencil and paper. “

Vizacarra said she and her friends miss pencil and paper because it is easier for them. It can take some time to get used to carrying a school Chromebook for all classes. Students are expected to have their Chromebooks at SHS at all times.

Senior Mason Rodgers, 17, said he believes it is hard to remember backpacking a Chromebook every day since he went without it all of his three years in high school.

Rodgers said it was difficult to get the Chromebooks fully functional in some of his courses. He believes school would be so much better if the Chromebooks actually worked.

“As seniors, we got the old Chromebooks, and I think it would be useful if they worked as well as the newer ones because mine doesn’t load web pages often,” he said.

“This one-to-one technology is something our school has had to deal with and it can be good and bad at the same time,” said Vizcarra.