Sun Life selects AWS as cloud technology provider

Amazon Web Services (AWS), an company, announced that Sun Life has selected AWS as its cloud technology provider.
AWS technology for CIOs
Sun Life will leverage AWS cloud technologies, including analytics, machine learning, storage, security, and databases, to improve operational efficiencies.

According to AWS, Sun Life was the first company in Canada to introduce a cloud skills training program that is now available to Sun Life employees. The program brings Sun Life’s cloud experts together with AWS instructors to provide peer-to-peer learning and hands-on cloud skills building training.

Over the next several months, Sun Life will certify the first 450 business and technical employees with this AWS program and train additional employees to accelerate the cloud rollout and develop new customer-centric and in-house skills.

Sun Life built development workstations in North America and innovation labs in Asia to bring IT teams and executives together to innovate using AWS technologies. In Asia, for example, one of the laboratories developed the Sun Life Secure Experience, which enables Sun Life consultants to work virtually with customers through video conferencing and secure file sharing.

“AWS ‘portfolio of cloud technologies helps us be proactive, proactive, and personal by taking customer insights and transforming them into new, digital ways to meet their needs,” said Laura Money, chief information officer and executive vice President, Sun Life.