Swinburne brings people and technology together to build a better world

Swinburne University of Technology has launched a new strategic plan for 2025 that offers the university a bold path to build on its legacy as a leader in technology, innovation and engagement in the industry.

After a full commitment to the university community and the ideas of staff and students S.Winburne Horizon 2025 sets out how Swinburne will realize its refreshed vision of bringing people and technology together to build a better world.

Vice Chancellor and President, Professor Pascale Quester, said this new strategy embodied Swinburne’s commitment to be the prototype of a new and different university for the 21stst Century.

“Swinburne is a young university with a long history. As a two-sector university that emerged from a technical college, we pride ourselves on Swinburne’s technology DNA. With this new strategy we are building Swinburne as a university that is truly driven by technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. “

Vice Chancellor Professor Pascale Quester said Swinburne will help society increasingly demand transformative technology and people to use it.

2025 images of the moon

The strategy is underpinned by four ambitious “Moon Shots” that allow Swinburne to focus and invest in areas that make a real difference in the world.

“Putting a man on the moon caught the imagination of the world. It represented the ultimate human ambition and gathered the focus and energy of everyone who worked on this project, ”said Professor Quester.

“To achieve our vision, we are committed to making great strides and aiming for moon shots rather than incremental steps. Our moon shots will encourage and energize our staff, students and partners. “

Moon Shot 1: Every Swinburne learner receives work experience

Starting in 2021, every student will receive work-integrated learning and real industry experience, including paid internships, internships, or industry-related projects, during their studies.

Moon Shot 2: Every Swinburne graduate gets a job

Swinburne’s goal is that every Swinburne graduate and professional graduate is a jobee or a job creator in a future work environment shaped by technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Swinburne will continue to support graduates in finding employment immediately and in the medium term through professional support and lifelong learning.

Moon shot 3: Every Swinburne partner receives a technical solution

When partners come to Swinburne with a problem, they are given a technology solution. Swinburne will focus its efforts on flagship areas where the university leads the world and has the potential to be the industry partner of choice, including Space and aerospace engineering, sustainable solutions to create an innovative planet and medical technology.

Moon Shot 4: Swinburne is the prototype of global best practices

Swinburne will step onto the global stage in research, education and student recruitment. Swinburne will be the prototype of a new university model that is fit for a digital future and looks forward rather than backward in its functioning and development. Swinburne is focused on the future and will be determined to imagine a different and better way to work in an ever changing environment.

Prepare for a digital, technology-rich future

Professor Quester said Swinburne will play a special role in contributing to society’s increasing need for and people using transformative technology.

“The critical industry needs, many of which have yet to be created, are behind Swinburne’s goal of creating tomorrow’s technology and the human capital and talent necessary for a digital, technology-rich future.

“For us, technology is not an end in itself. Instead, it is the ability of technology to enable social, environmental, economic and cultural good that is valuable in itself, ”she said.