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Tackling Environmental Change With AI | by Mahima | Nov, 2020

Environmental change is such a huge and immediate problem in our world today. It impacts every person on this planet and so needs every possible solution to combat it, even AI. AI is such a new technology, but it is taking the world by storm. With thousands of uses for it, it is making life for humans much easier.

AI is just recently being used for climate change. Even though AI is a new topic and a very promising part of technology, people were still very reluctant from using it in climate change as they didn’t want to hurt the Earth more than it already is. Now that is slowly starting to be introduced in this area, there are many different ways that it is being implemented. Throughout this 3 part series, I will explain some of the ways that AI is being applied in the environment.

Ocean One is a robot created by a team at Evolving Science to explore the depths osf the ocean similar to how a diver would. Ocean One mimics the actions of a SCUBA diver, complete with arms, depth perception, and touch feedback.

This allows for a great advancement in exploring the Earth and exactly what lives down there without the hassle of worrying about the pieces of equipment needed to send a human down to the same depth. This also reduces pollution in the seas, because by sending humans into the ocean, sometimes equipment gets lost and is unable to be retrieved, so it stays down there forever until it ends up around some turtle’s head. The robot does not need all of this equipment and still can collect the same type of data. It can collect the data without disrupting any of the sea life.

Another advantage to having a diving robot, is it can go deeper than humans. At some point in the ocean, the pressure gets too high and not enough stability so humans cannot dive that deep without extremely advanced technology that hasn’t been developed yet. The robot can go to those depths, stay there for as long as needed because it doesn’t need to come back up for air and come back up with high quality pictures.

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful piece of technology that will change our lives forever. One of the main topics of the future that it will change is the preservation of our earth and climate change.

This article is part one of a three-part series composed by me that focuses on one of the implementations of AI in environmental change. Next week we’ll talk about possibilities of AI implementation in other fields such as climate change or water filteration.

I really hope that you will continue with me on this three part journey.

Thanks for reading!

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