Technology and Fitness Leaders Collaborate to Create the TeamUp Fitness Community App

PHILADELPHIA, June 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Tony Trombetta, a technology industry veteran with years of experience in app development, and Frank Peperno, a fitness and marketing guru who previously owned and operated a successful gym, have teamed up to create the leadership team behind the TeamUp fitness app.

As more people focus on fitness and a healthy lifestyle, the number of social fitness dating apps is limited and this is where TeamUp fills a void. The TeamUp Fitness app enables fitness enthusiasts to build new relationships by using proprietary features like “Let’s Connect” and “5:00 AM Happy Hour Notifications” to break the ice to start a conversation or someone to meet for training.

“I wanted to use my technology background to create an app that people could feel connected to whether they were working out at the gym or at home,” said Trombetta, TeamUp’s chief executive officer. “As gyms and public facilities continue to reopen at maximum capacity, there will be more and more opportunities for meaningful connections. I wanted to create a platform that would help users find new exercise partners, new friends, and fitness professionals to connect with and possibly find their fitness soulmate. “

The app also serves as a dating app for fitness enthusiasts. With exercise and healthy living as a foundation, the connecting nature of the platform allows users to build meaningful relationships.

“In a way, I wanted to bring my fitness industry experience to the digital realm, and TeamUp was the perfect platform for that,” said Peperno, TeamUp’s chief marketing officer. “Tony and I have spent the last three years developing and adding lots of fun features so that active people can use the platform to meet new people, get fit, and make love.”

Exercise, wellness, nutrition, and healthy living are fundamental parts of the app, but it is the social aspects of the platform that help people maintain meaningful friendships, form new communities, and find someone who shares the same beliefs of being healthy, active Lifestyle.

The TeamUp Fitness App is now available for download on the Apple store and Google Play Store.


To team up is a social lifestyle, fitness connection, and dating app designed for the fitness community. Find new workout partners, new fitness friends, and meaningful connections. Put simply, TeamUp is “Where All Fitness Enthusiasts Are Seen”.

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