Technology at the cemetery: Haines City offers mourners GPS-enabled grave tracker

HAINES CITY, Florida (WFLA) – A trip to the cemetery is emotional enough without having to search for the grave of a loved one.

That’s why the city of Haines City introduced a GPS-enabled grave site finder in two of its cemeteries this month.

“You don’t have to spend a lot of time walking around the cemetery guessing where your loved one is buried out there, especially if you’re traveling from another state and haven’t been here in 10, 15 years. “Said Haines City Mayor Morris West.

Mayor West scans the QR code

Users scan a QR code located in a kiosk at the entrance to the cemetery that has the Stadtfriedhof online databasee, enter the name of the loved one and follow the directions of a compass to find the burial site.

The program supplies the block, the plot of land, the place number and the GPS coordinates to find the burial site.

The digital system replaces a booklet provided on site.

You will then receive the block, the property, the place number and the GPS coordinates to find the burial site.

“One of the great things about this technology is that you can come out without a tombstone and find out exactly where that person is buried,” said Erica Anderson, Haines City councilor.

The service is free to use. The program is part of the existing software the city used for the cemeteries, so there was little or no additional cost, Anderson said.

The program is active in the Oakland and Forest Hill Cemeteries. Work is still in progress in the town’s older cemetery, Old Hill.

“This is the first system known to us in Polk County. There is no other system of this magnitude, ”said Mayor West.

Rutha Burns visited her beloved mother’s grave in Oakland Cemetery on Wednesday.

She doesn’t need any help to find this site, but she buried other loved ones in the cemetery that she cannot find.

“I think it’s great because a lot of people come from outside and want to visit them and don’t know where the graves are so they can use their phone and technology to find them quickly,” she said.