Technology, ethics blur in Alliance’s digital ‘Data’

One of the show’s “special effects” allowed the four cast members to stay 10 or 20 feet apart while filming their scenes – per COVID guidelines – and then piecing them together so that only the co-stars would play appear Being on the same couch, desk, or ping pong table. The gimmick doesn’t always work well; When they are supposedly looking each other in the eye, you can sometimes tell that they are not properly aligned and are looking slightly to the left or right of the other person’s position.

Consequently, if the actors are understandably outstanding in individual moments, they rarely generate much chemistry or rapport in order to function as a real ensemble: Cheech Manohar portrays the conflicted protagonist to Clare Latham as his conscientious accomplice Jake Bern as an opportunistic co-worker and Stephen Hu as the unscrupulous boss who even ambushes all the Twinkies from the office machine.

While “data” viewers cannot “personally” collect or connect, each screening begins with an “interactive lobby experience” developed by Atlanta-based company Subsume, a technology platform for storytellers. Regular streaming is also available, but the interactive feature allows viewers to create their own avatar, chat in the lobby and “chat” with others before entering a virtual theater to watch the production from their computers see.

We may never know how “Data” plays on an actual theater stage. Despite all the cutting edge technology, the irony is that it’s finally too difficult to make a really good movie.



Until May 23rd via the digital platform Alliance Theater Anywhere. Virtual live demonstrations take place Thursday through Saturday at 7.30 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. $ 5- $ 100. 404-733-4650.

Bottom line: Immediately a slightly static wannabe thriller and a somewhat stilted moral game.