Technology is making heart monitors smaller and easier to use

PANAMA CITY, Florida (WJHG / WECP) – Technology is making heart monitors smaller and easier for patients to use.

In order for doctors to determine if a patient has an abnormal heart rhythm, they need to do some tests.

Usually holster monitors are worn first. These can only be worn for a day or two. These monitors can miss an abnormal rhythm because they are worn so short.

A new device called LINQ can be implanted under the skin to monitor heart rate. The device is tiny, about the size of a paper clip, and can better detect irregular heartbeats.

“Compare wearable devices for four weeks and LINQ for three years,” said DO Nghia Hoang, a cardiologist. “After one year, the detection rate for AFib in people who have already had a stroke is 15% versus a four-week portable device about 4.7%.”

The procedure for implanting the LINQ has also become more convenient and can be carried out in a doctor’s office instead of in a hospital.

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