Technology Park set to get new space satellite

FAIRMONT, W.Va. – The technology park I-79 receives a new satellite program. Space Weather Follow On-Lagrange 1 (SWFO L-1) is an observatory that will focus on studying space weather. It collects data on things like sun exposure and climate change.

Current ground weather satellite in the technology park

“Well, the climate is changing,” said Jim Estep, President and CEO of the High Technology Foundation. “Why? You’re still trying to figure it out, but it’s changing and the implications are just incredible for coastal cities, for agriculture, for air travel, so it’s very complicated. When this new program gets up and running, it really becomes one.” will provide a tremendous amount of new data that will help all science agencies provide some answers, both on how we can protect ourselves and how we can adapt. ”

The High Technology Foundation worked with that National Administration for Ocean and Atmosphere (NOAA)) who runs the National Weather Service, for years to place this satellite in Fairmont.

“They’re trying to get more and more federal operations out of the Washington, DC area because there are just too many,” Estep said. “It creates a national security problem and the operating costs are so high in DC that it is literally the worst place in the country to spend taxpayers’ money.”

The 13-meter antenna will connect two more satellite ground systems, GOES-R and a common polar satellite system that NOAA already has in the technology park. The two old satellite programs examine the earth, climate and weather.

Estep said construction of the new satellite is expected to begin next month.