Technology strengthens democracies, has amazing impact on quality of governance: Jaishankar at Sydney Dialogue

Technology strengthens democracies, has amazing effects on
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Technology strengthens democracies, has astonishing effects on the quality of government: Jaishankar at the Sydney Dialogue

Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar stressed that technology has an “amazing impact” on the quality of governance and said that technology platforms have “strengthened” democracies and are “enormously helpful”.

“Throughout the COVID period, we were able to fund literally hundreds of millions of people and even support food thanks to technology platforms. We have vaccinated more than a billion people, ”said Jaishankar as he spoke virtually on Friday’s The Sydney Dialogue panel discussion on Democracies and Global Technology Governance.

“We can literally pull out for you region by region, block by block, village by village, maybe even street by street, you will know who is vaccinated and when their second vaccination is due,” he added.

Shedding light on how helpful the technology platforms have been, he said, “What it (the technology) did is, it had an absolutely amazing impact on the quality of governance.”

“And I would say, especially in democracies where it is very important that the credibility of democracy is based on its ability to deliver good governance,” he added.

Jaishankar stressed that technology “is something that has been very helpful”.

“So I want to emphasize that the technology platforms have actually strengthened democracies,” he added.

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