The easiest way to install Android apps (APK) on Windows

If there are Android applications that are essential to you and that you would even use on Windows, now there is an extremely easy way to install them, it’s almost as if you just clicked it.

It is true that there are very interesting Android applications and we have thought more than once about being able to use them on our Windows computer as well.

Ways to use Android within Windows have been around for years, but we had to use emulators as Microsoft’s operating system wasn’t prepared for it.

Now that the Android subsystem for Windows 11 has been created, there is already broader integration in terms of everything, although the truth is that it has not been entirely straightforward as of now.

But now a method has emerged that greatly simplifies everything and that we can now install the app and work with it on Windows with just one APK file.

What is an APK file?

the APK format stands for Android Application Package or Android Application Package. It is a kind of executable file that has everything built in that is an application to run on the Android operating system.

We can say that a APK file is the same as an EXE in Windows, but that only works on the Google operating system.

Installing an APK is the same as installing the Windows executables, meaning once you click on it it will be installed instantly.

It works on all smartphones with Windows operating system, although sometimes there is an error as we have to install it activate the Unknown origin The operating system from Google.

This was implemented as a security measure so that nothing could be installed without our consent. In addition, since version 10 we have been able to allow the installation of any APK file and are not obliged to do this in general, another very successful measure.

the APK files are safe, just like EXE. That is, if we download them from trusted websites that we are sure are the trusted files, without any modification, we will have no problem.

However, when we download them from websites we do not know about, nobody can assure us that we are installing some type of malware at the same time that we are installing the application we want.

With that in mind, it’s not the APK files that are the problem, but the common sense that we need to have for installation. We shouldn’t take any absurd dangers as many of us use smartphones for such sensitive things as access to our bank and it wouldn’t be good if someone had such access too.

Install an APK in Windows 11

Now is the time when we will see how to install an APK file in Windows 11 once we know what APK files are, but once simple and straightforward way, not like other methods that lead to the same goal.

The first thing we need to do is install WSATools on our Windows operating system.

It’s an app that’s in Windows App Store (Microsoft Store). All you have to do is click Will and it will install itself.

Once we have WSATools we have two options for installing an APK file.

The first is to open the program and then click Choose an APK, find the file on your computer and select it to install it automatically.

The second way is much easier and would be too Double-click an APK filebecause the program will start automatically.

When you have selected or clicked the APK file, you will get a confirmation window that will show us information about the application that is about to be installed.

We can see both the name of the application, the icon, the version, the name of the package and the size of the file. This is the moment you need to click To install so that the APK is already an entire application.

We absolutely don’t have to do anything else as the whole process is done by WSATools, that is, it uses the Windows Android subsystem and then installs something really good, and as you can see, much easier than other methods that have existed before.

We have a negative side to all of this and that is that this program is not quite mature and therefore it can make more than one mistake or throw itself for a moment without doing anything on the screen. In this case, it is best to close it and restart it as it will almost certainly work the second time around.

Once the APK is installed, all you have to do is click Open app to open the application you just installed.

The good thing is that Applications are in Windows 11 like any other app and we search for them in the same way either by clicking the Taskbar magnifier and write the name to make it come out or use that Start menu, then click All applications and seek it to carry it out.

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Another thing we need to be clear about is that the fact that Android apps can run doesn’t mean that we have Google services, for example. As a result, certain applications that depend on it may not work.

In any case, it is a very easy and practical way to have Android apps in our Windows 11 operating system that are much easier to perform than the ones we have come across so far, where they either had endless steps or were more difficult to realize to get.

This new system takes much less time and is very intuitive, which many users will appreciate as not everyone has good computer skills.

If you have tried it, you can tell us what you think about it on our social networks.