The Ministry of Innovation and Technology and the Internet Society sign new pact to advance digital economy in Ethiopia

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MINT) Ethiopia and the Internet Society ( today announced a new collaboration agreement that will help advance the digital economy and drive economic change.

Last year, the Ethiopian government launched its digital transformation strategy with the aim of using digital technologies to promote development and growth for every citizen.

The collaboration between the MINT and the Internet Society will support the implementation of this strategy to help the country develop digital services to advance key sectors that drive economic growth, such as agriculture, manufacturing, services and tourism.

The agreement will also help expand connectivity to rural areas, build internet infrastructure and strengthen internet governance.

The agreement was signed by His Excellency Dr. Ahmedin Mohammed, Minister of State for Innovation and Technology, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, and Dr. Dawit Bekele, Regional Vice President – Africa, signed, Internet company.

At the event, Dr. Ahmedin: “The Ethiopian government has made the digital transformation of the economy one of its strategic priorities. To achieve this, the government introduced the first digital transformation strategy, which is a visionary umbrella strategy from which sectors and institutions can shape or direct their efforts. ”The Minister of State added:“ The Digital 2025 strategy aims to that digital transformation is key to inclusive prosperity; Innovation and application of the culture, practices, processes and technologies of the digital age to respond to the increased expectations of citizens. “

He added: “This strategy is to be realized through the cooperation and commitment of all, including governments, non-governmental organizations, development partners and societies. The strategy requires an aggressive commitment to the expansion of infrastructure, systems, digital applications and the ecosystem. ”

“This cooperation comes at a time when Ethiopia is liberalizing its telecommunications sector, which corresponds to the expansion of the infrastructure. We are signing this agreement to improve rural connectivity and ensure that everyone in Ethiopia benefits from the digital transformation, ”said Dr. Dawit Bekele.

The Internet Society is committed to supporting Ethiopia in its vision of creating an inclusive digital economy through the Digital Ethiopia 2025 strategy. The partnership is in line with the efforts of the Internet Society to promote the development and use of the Internet as a resource for enriching people’s lives.

It recently partnered with the ministry to organize the country’s first internet development conference and school of internet governance for Ethiopia. The Internet company is currently working with the Ministry in Ethiopia to prepare the hosting of the World Telecommunication Development Conference and the organization of training courses on advanced topics such as data science, blockchain and Internet of Things.

The Internet Society is also working with Ethiopia to support the development of community networks in the Awi zone in the regional state of Amhara and to help young men and women learn how to design, deploy and maintain local networks in Bahr Dar. The partnership will enable Ethiopia to work even more effectively and help the country to leap into the digital society.

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Founded in 2018 according to Proclamation No. 1097/2018, is a federal institution with powers and obligations to prepare national innovation and technology research and development programs, institutional capacities and human resource development in Ethiopia. The MInT is responsible for the implementation of Digital Ethiopia 2025. Please visit

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