The New World. Gala Games Announced as the Official Platform and Technology Partner of 888 The New World, Heralding a New Era of Digital Collectables

Gala Games and 888 The New World are excited to announce their groundbreaking partnership, a move that will bring digital asset ownership to collectors, gamers and engineers around the world.

PALO ALTO, California., August 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Gala Games has been announced as the official platform and technology partner of 888 The New World and heralds a new era of digital collectibles with interfaces designed by GMUNK Michael China.

Gala Games and 888 The New World are excited to announce their groundbreaking partnership, a move that will bring digital asset ownership to collectors, gamers and engineers around the world.

888 The New World was founded by the anonymous blockchain evangelist and prolific collector named “888”. The platform aims to revolutionize the fledgling NFT market, which is mainly operated by tech, DeFi and venture capital. From the commissioned model to the platform’s curation process, 888 The New World believes in supporting artists on their journey through the booming NFT space with radical transparency – above all else. The portfolio of artists on the 888 The New World platform currently being developed by Gala Games includes creators such as Trevor Jones, FEWOCiOUS, PAK, Hackatao and over 30 other industry leaders.

When asked about the partnership with Gala Games, 888 said:

“Gala Games is the perfect partner for us. Like artists, gamers see the power and opportunity that blockchain will unleash. With our interconnected companies, we can give even more control, access and ownership to people around the world who are able to ignite the digital revolution and lay the foundations of the New World. This is about changing lives on a very fundamental level. “

888 has a long history of passionate support for the arts as the ultimate expression of human experience, saying:

“In my eyes, art can take many forms and forms of expression that go far beyond the visual experiences we associate with art today. In our new world, I see art as music and play too, and this will come together with our recent partnership with Global Esports Federation “Really enable 888 The New World to be at the forefront of bringing industries and communities together.”

Gala Games, which also owns Gala Labs, gives artists within the 888 The New World community the ability to create in-game assets outside of their traditional media. This is sure to enable some overwhelming collaborations in their respective creative and immersive worlds.

888 The New World will be able to accept a range of currencies, both digital and fiat, while collectors will be rewarded for using GALA. Jason Brink, President of Blockchain at Gala Games, is quoted as saying:

“We are not only rabid NFT fans, but also big fans and supporters of the team at Flare Networks. You are a trusted partner and friend of Gala Games. With them and 888 to build The New World to incentivize the broadcast of the NFT movement from Ethereum to Flare to enhance the experience of artists and collectors. This is something we are incredibly passionate about and proud to be a part of. “

James Olden, Chief Strategy Officer at Gala Games, said, “As people building blockchain experience, we respect artists and look forward to discovering the new talent that is out there. 888 The New World compliments our vision perfectly and in the not too distant future will provide us with a secondary marketplace that our growing community can trust and enjoy. “

ABOUT 888 The New World

888 The New World is the only digital art marketplace founded, built and operated by artists. The platform aims to empower the digital art and gaming community and ensure that the bulk of the profits go back to the artists and players who drive this new medium.

Sustainability is at the core of their mission to ensure that CO2 emissions remain at the lowest possible levels. The heartbeat of 888 TNW will forever be its foundation, 8.88% of all profits will go to a foundation that will employ a team of people who will travel the world in search of artisan artists in developing countries and help them convert their physical work to digital form, which in turn will be auctioned, with 100% of the proceeds going to the artists and their local communities.

888 The New World is so much more than just a new platform, it’s a place to develop and nurture talent, be part of an incredible community, and a place for artists and gamers to call home.


Launched in 2019 and operated by the world’s largest independent network of nodes, Gala Games was designed to empower the gaming community. As the first blockchain gaming platform, Gala Games created an ecosystem where players and creators can be rewarded for their participation.

Founded by Eric Schiermeyer, the co-founder of Zynga, and is used by a global and diverse group of gamers, engineers, art enthusiasts, and geek culture enthusiasts with teams in. operated The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Korea and the Phillipines.

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