The software of Kognia, the technology that will use Xavi in the Barça

“Of course you want to play well, have the balloon, have opportunities, not a special and presidential high, and think that this will make it easier for you to get results,” were the first words of the new coach FC Barcelona, Xavi Hernandez, the one who commanded the Bild-Cule this Friday during his first press conference, in the run-up to the duel of La Liga Santander from this Saturday before the Espanyol (21: 00h.) It made it clear that the DNA Barça have returned to a team that has no raisin at all in the current season.

The ex-mythical Mediocampista Barcelona not only trusts his smell and knowledge of the game, that’s enough Xavi is a modern technician who will apply innovative computer software that will facilitate the tactical analysis of the parties of the automatic form. It is about a tool that allows him a qualitative leap to analyze the sessions and the trainings.

In accordance with the information provided by the Sportive World newspaper, it is software developed through the years of work and experience of Joan Vilà, one of Xavi’s main mentors in his development as a footballer. It calls it Kognia, a company that combines the profiles of outstanding specialists in the football industry with the advances science and technology offer. One of the trainers who is already using the system created by this company is Unai Emery, who carried east to Villarreal to make the leap in quality.

“Like trainers, Kognia provides me and my employees with critical information that will help me make the best decisions about the bank,” said Xavi’s own opinion of the system on the company’s website. Unai Emery also adds, emphasizing, “Automatically recognizing our own tactics and drawing the videos at the same time is key because it helps us focus objectively on game situations that are critical to our team’s effort.”

Function of the software from Kognia

With Kognia’s software, thanks to technology and artificial intelligence, you can quickly correct tactical situations during the parties and will also have a tool that will greatly facilitate his post-team discussions, both collectively and individually, to help players understand the situations of the game and to correct mistakes made.