Thieves take advantage of Apple device’s tracking technology to steal cars

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It is not news that criminals rely on new technology to commit their crimes. This time they used the apple air tag , a device for people who often forget their keys or wallet.

Mark Chan on Unsplash

According to the authorities, the thieves find their victims in shopping malls. Once you’ve decided who to rob, glue the device to the underside of the vehicle. So they track the location of the car and use a key encoder to get in without the alarm going off. So they can drive away the stolen car and go unnoticed. Thefts often happen in people’s homes at night.

Five cases with it from September to date Modus operandi were reported in Canada. During the investigation, police found the devices near all of the locations where the robberies occurred. You also suspect they used to Samsung SmartTags , a similar technology.

To prevent this theft, drivers are advised to check their entire car to make sure none of these devices have been implanted. Apple users may receive a warning that there is an unidentified Apple Air Tag near them, but it is still recommended that their vehicles be checked.