Toga Limited’s Wholly-Owned Subsidiary TOGL Technology Sdn

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, July 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – On August 1, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) will be entered into between Toga Limited (OTC: TOGL) wholly owned subsidiary TOGL Technology Sdn Bhd (TOGL Technology) . and INTI International College Subang for the annual Yippi Sticker Contest from August 1st to mid-December 2021.

The MOU offers both parties the opportunity to initiate joint projects such as funding programs and activities together with the institution’s jury, which evaluates and evaluates all competition entries.

“This is our fourth year in which we are organizing the Yippi Sticker Contest, where we can offer highly creative groups a platform to express their creativity and inspiration to the fullest through their sticker creations and to meet like-minded artists.

This declaration of intent represents our continuous collaboration with local universities such as INTI and our commitment to give young people an opportunity to develop their creativity. This in turn increases our collection of stickers to provide a better interactive experience for our Yippi users as communication technology advances and sticker collections evolve with it, ”said Edward Ng Boon Chee, TOGL Technology’s Chief Operating Officer.

INTI International College Subang, which is part of INTI International University & Colleges under the HOPE Education Group, offers a wide range of graduates of high quality and career-oriented academic programs, including pre-university to post-graduate courses in various academic disciplines. In addition to the campus in Subang, INTI also has locations in Kuala Lumpur, Nilai in Negeri Sembilan, Penang and Sabah in Malaysia.


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