Toggled Unveils Next Generation Intelligent Building Technology at LightFair 2021

The new controllers from Toggled expand and expand the technology portfolio of Toggled iQ and enable customers and partners to create scalable networked building solutions. The Area Lighting Controller is based on the Toggled iQ platform and offers a power switching and dimming interface between existing lights, rooms or entire circuits (up to 20 A) and the lighting network connected to Toggled iQ. The Plug Load Controller provides a power switching interface between plugs / sockets and other non-luminous loads or entire non-luminous circuits (up to 20 A) and the Toggled iQ platform, resulting in sustained energy savings.

“As expectations of corporate environmental responsibility and sustainability rise sharply and intelligent building technologies are mature, building owners and operators are increasingly facing pressure to modernize their systems in order to optimize building performance, employee or tenant satisfaction and to comply with evolving building regulations meet “said Daniel Hollenkamp Jr., Chief Operating Officer, Toggled. “The inclusion of these new products in the Toggled iQ portfolio changes the game of networked building solutions and enables customers to use Toggled iQ in areas that were previously unaffordable or incompatible with other building systems.

Toggled was founded in 2007 and has grown from a leading LED lighting provider to an innovator in sustainable building technologies that enables companies to adjust and control their building operating systems in real time.

Main advantages of the Toggled iQ Plug Load Controller:

  • Offers additional energy savings from 26 percent in workstations and nearly 50 percent in kitchens and printer rooms, where connector loads are typically difficult to implement and control.
  • Meets the requirements of the new energy code based on the ANSI / ASHRAE / IES 90.1 energy standard and California Title 24, part 6
  • Allows independent installation. As with all Toggled iQ products, the Plug-Last-Controller can be installed as a stand-alone device or as part of a larger portfolio of network-controlled devices.
  • Offers several control methods including occupancy / vacancy, scheduling and app control functions
  • Offers an open system seamless integration into the Toggled iQ platform and most third-party systems via an open API
  • Provides the connection of up to 32,000 devices in a single network in a secure environment via an encrypted Bluetooth® low energy mesh network

Main advantages of the Toggled iQ Area Lighting Controller:

  • Occupancy and vacancy detection allows you to turn connected devices on and off or set a custom trim or scene when they detect movement.
  • Energy measurement on board enables analytical knowledge and evidence of energy savings.
  • Controls and monitors all Toggled and third party lighting devices.

With more than 150 patents, Toggled is the only software-oriented company that supplies fully networked lighting and building control solutions that guarantee consistent product quality and customer satisfaction. Since the system is wireless, users do not need to destroy the office space during installation. Toggled iQ can also be integrated into existing BAS systems, which offers additional flexibility when looking at the system architecture.

The Toggled team can be found at booth 2320 at Light fair in the Javits Center. To schedule a demo or a meeting at the event between October 27-29, email at [email protected] or call 1-844-Toggled (1-844-864-4533).

In addition to the new Toggled iQ plug-load and area lighting controllers at LightFair, Toggled will also focus on its entire portfolio of building solutions, including:

  • Toggled iQ LED tubes
  • iQ sensor switched
  • Switched iQ downlights
  • iQ Switch switched
  • Switched iQ IoT gateway

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