Top 5 technology trends for 2022 – BearingPoint survey

BearingPoint surveys nearly 1,000 IT consultants to find out which technology areas IT executives will focus on in the coming year

AMSTERDAM, October 14, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Management and technology consultancy BearingPoint says the top 5 technology trends for 2022 are:

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BearingPoint’s top 5 technology trends for 2022 (Chart: Business Wire)

  1. Responsible AI

  2. Cloud at the edge

  3. Cybersecurity network

  4. Embedded data and analytics

  5. Networked sensors and machines

BearingPoint surveyed nearly 1,000 IT consultants to find out which technology areas would get the most attention in 2022.

Stefan Pechardscheck, Global Leader Technology at BearingPoint: “We are in the middle of a revolution when it comes to technology and business models, and the two cannot be separated. The five technology trends for 2022 are groundbreaking. They bring competitive advantages, increase the effectiveness of processes and solutions, and all of this can be the basis for a new business model. Our customers can benefit from all of these technologies. “

Below is what BearingPoint said from its survey of the top 5 technology trends for 2022.

Responsible AI

AI use cases are mature, which is why they are subject to increased scrutiny. It is no longer enough for AI systems to work well – their predictions must be fair and easy to explain to customers and regulators. Frameworks and best practices are emerging to meet these requirements for more robust and improved AI solutions.

Cloud at the edge

Sovereignty and edge computing requirements are the new challenges for CTOs. The introduction of the cloud has changed IT organizations, governance and operating models (FinOps, CloudOps functions). For real-time processing and sovereignty requirements, there is a need to bring computing capacities closer to users and resources. Edge computing and sovereign clouds now compensate for the extreme cloud centralization.

Cybersecurity network

There should be a distributed approach to network security with individual perimeters around each access point, rather than a traditional top-down, all-encompassing approach, says BearingPoint. The cybersecurity mesh is a distributed architecture approach for scalable, flexible and reliable cyber control. The mesh changes focus from protecting a traditional IT perimeter (analogous to a “walled city”) to a more modular approach that centralizes policy orchestration but distributes cybersecurity enforcement.

Embedded data and analytics

Successful companies take a holistic approach and continuously embed data and analysis in the business. They keep an eye on new trends and adapt accordingly, but always move along a roadmap of initiatives and use cases that lead them to their goals. Organizations need to define and prioritize actionable use cases and insights and work with a holistic plan. Without such use cases and a plan, data analysis won’t get very far.

Networked sensors and machines

Networked sensors and machines are at the height of an ongoing revolution and are leading us into a world where everything is measured. The combination of sensor data and powerful analyzes in the edge and cloud will serve as a springboard for innovations and future prognoses.

According to the new one BearingPoint benchmark analysis for resilience, the effective use of technology is an essential characteristic of resilient companies and organizations.

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