UAE-based Kingspin Technology Services starts operations in Kochi

Kingspin Technology Services, the UAE-based blockchain start-up, is expanding its development team by opening an offshore delivery center in SmartCity, Kochi.

The company, which also focuses on other digital transformation technologies such as data science and IoT, is recognized by Startup India and the Kerala Startup Mission. Azif Ali, CEO of Kingspin Technology Services, said 80 percent of development work is done from the Kochi center.

The company will initially employ 70 people, with 100 within six months. More freshmen are likely to be hired as there aren’t many people in the country with experience in blockchain technology, he added.

The company focuses on blockchain and its real world impact, including aspects of asset tokenization in the areas of environmental sustainability quotient, inheritance and customer loyalty. With the planned opening of an office in Wyoming, USA, the Engeln-funded start-up also plans to experience Silicon Valley technology upgrades and streamline the journey in the current digital decade accordingly, taking into account the latest technological advances.

“We plan to expand our services to all of India in the next year. Our plan is to optimize the applications of blockchain technology for societal benefits. However, the use of blockchain technology in business cases like the digital storage of real estate documents is only going to gain momentum. ”As soon as our appeal to the government to legalize it gets the green flag, he added.