UEGroup partners with Purdue on new technology experience center in Discovery Park District

XCenter will make the technology more user-friendly

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – The Purdue Research Foundation announced the establishment of the Experience Innovation Center (XCenter) on Wednesday, May 5, to explore innovative approaches to how people interact and work with technology. The center is located in the Discovery Park District of Purdue University and is a collaboration between the UEGroup and the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, one of the 10 academic colleges in Purdue.

“The XCenter’s mission is to bring amazing minds together to reinvent how technology works for people,” said Troy Hege, vice president of innovation and technology for the Purdue Research Foundation. “The center wants to enable collaboration between industry and science.”

The XCenter will focus on driving new ideas by rethinking and reinventing how products and technologies will be designed in the future. The aim is to become a regional, national and international center for product innovations through user experience (UX), customer experience (CX), product strategy and product management. The center includes a state-of-the-art 5G-networked usability facility and offers training, education and consulting services as well as the organization of innovation conferences, workshops and “think shows”.

In addition to business consulting, XCenter will enhance academic programs in these areas, providing students with hands-on learning and hands-on work experience in UX, CX, and more. Business organizations can also take advantage of the training courses offered to expand their internal skills and processes in product design, research, innovation and product management.

The XCenter was developed by Tony Fernandes, CEO of UEGroup, who, prior to founding UEGroup, had more than 30 years of experience in the technology industry with companies such as Lotus / IBM, Apple, Netscape and XEROX PARC.

“We all use technology every day, both at home and at work. It can be incredibly valuable to us, but it can also hold us back because it’s too complicated to use or understand, ”said Fernandes. “These difficulties lead to negative economic repercussions for companies and missed opportunities for society. After decades of technology, things should have gotten better, but we seem to be sliding backwards as technology becomes more complex. By bringing together ideas from science and industry, the XCenter aims to redefine how we will work, live and play in five to eight years and help organizations get there. “

Fernandes’ goal was to find better and better ways to empower people through technology by basing products and services on their real-world tasks, goals and behaviors.

The center will provide a unique resource for the Discovery Park District, as well as the university’s students and faculties, and regional and national innovators.

The Polytechnic Institute hosts Purdue’s technology and innovation-oriented degrees in engineering, computer graphics technology, computer and information technology, technology leadership and innovation, construction management technology, and aerospace and transportation technology. Undergraduate and graduate programs offer hands-on, hands-on educational experiences that prepare students for innovative, technology-driven careers, making the XCenter a significant resource for the college. In particular, the high-ranking UX design major from the Purdue Polytechnic Institute will benefit from this new partnership.

“The XCenter provides many opportunities for our students to expand their classroom work with even more hands-on project work in the areas of user experience, customer experience, product design and more,” said Gary Bertoline, dean of Purdue Polytechnic Institute. “This state-of-the-art usability facility will enhance our students’ experience and help build bridges with corporate partners and employees.”

The XCenter is part of the Discovery Park District Living Laboratory, which provides a place for innovation and experimentation. It will serve tenants in the district and corporate clients, and will be accessible to Purdue students and faculties.

“We see this as a new epicenter for inventive product design, user experience and customer experience,” said Hege. “Purdue University was selected for the center because of its reputation as one of the most innovative universities in the US, its culture and its location. The XCenter fits in perfectly with the overall focus and integration of data, connectivity and technology of the district. “

“Indiana and the Midwest in general, with universities, abundant open land, hardworking people, low cost of living, easy access to the world, and a desire to make a positive difference, are positioned as one of the next great tech regions in other people’s lives,” said Fernandes. “Purdue has all of these qualities and more, making it the logical place for a center focused on solving the tough problems.”

The XCenter will open in summer 2021. For more information, see

About UEGroup

UEGroup Inc. is a leading user experience, customer experience, and product strategy company headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Jose, California. Chicago; and Lisbon, Portugal. His clients include Fortune 500 and early stage companies. It has successfully delivered results for industry leaders including companies like Disney, Ford, Stryker, Intel, Google, and Lockheed Martin. In addition to the Fortune 500, the UEGroup has helped early stage supporters and startups break the noise and deliver differentiated solutions. Learn more at UEGroup.

About Purdue Polytechnic

The Purdue Polytechnic Institute, one of 10 academic colleges at Purdue University, offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in aerospace, computing, construction management, engineering, technology leadership, and technology education. In addition to the main Purdue University campus in West Lafayette, Indiana, Purdue Polytechnic offers selected courses in nine communities in Indiana.

Via Discovery Park District

The Discovery Park District is a 400-acre, $ 1 billion + community on the western edge of campus that includes laboratories, advanced manufacturing facilities, offices, retail stores, restaurants, apartments, green spaces, walking trails, and a $ 7,000 airport. Footpath. The district, designated as an Opportunity Zone, is home to the Convergence Center for Innovation and Collaboration, a facility designed to serve as a “doorway” for businesses wishing to work with Purdue. Companies interested in locating in the Discovery Park District or the Convergence Center should contact David Broecker, the Foundation’s Chief Innovation and Collaboration Officer


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