UK’s Fering Technology claims their range extended off-roader can go 7,000 km before recharging

The electric truck from Fering Technology

Electric vehicle from Fering Technology

Key highlights

  • Fering’s electric vehicle can charge its dense battery while on the move with an integrated 800 cm³ high-performance generator that can recharge the batteries over and over again.
  • Fering uses LTO batteries instead of lithium-ion batteries like most electric vehicles, which have their advantages and disadvantages.
  • To compensate for the weight of the on-board generator, the frame is made of aluminum composite so that the entire vehicle weighs less than most SUVs.

British automaker Fering Technology is preparing to build electric vehicles for off-road terrain, all without stopping to charge. Electric vehicles today have passed the 500-mile mark on a single charge, or just over 800 kilometers per charge.

Since range is also dependent on driving style, the top range depends on a docile style where braking and driving repeatedly affect the final range. However, Fering has a dense battery pack that promises a range of over 8 times the range of the best electric cars for its off-road electric truck.

7,000 kilometers without stopping sounds like something you would think of an airplane, not a land vehicle available today, least of all an electric vehicle.

The best fossil fuel cars can range over 1,000 kilometers on a single tank of fuel, carrying two additional canisters can at best triple that number, but no other vehicle compares to a vehicle that has a stated range of 7,000 kilometers. And to top it off, it’s a rugged SUV that makes that claim, so we have to take it seriously.

Tesla’s Cybertruck could be the next coming mainstream truck, comparable to Rivian’s R1 trucks, which are supposed to conquer the toughest terrain, for an ubiquitous vehicle in the EV market. The Tesla Cybertruck has a reported range of 610 miles, or about 980 kilometers.

The best Rivian R1T EV claimed is 316 miles, or just over 500 kilometers, on a single charge. The trick with the extended range is a 800cc high capacity diesel generator that supports the incredible range claimed by the company.