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Understanding the virtual cameras | by Ugurkan Ates | Nov, 2020

Episode 1 : The Pinhole Menace

A Bug’s Life (1998) by PIXAR

This series is mainly aimed for people who had trouble understanding basic principles of 3D Graphics,rendering(openGL-Vulkan beginners) and anyone who wants to learn more about Virtual Cameras. Most information presented is adapted from various sources. Please check from first episode if you just started !

Did you the word camera comes from latin word “room” ? It camera obscura (“dark chamber”). Why you might ask , don’t worry you are about to find out. The desire to record and preserve images is old as civilization itself. The term stands for a practical device that could harness the image-transferring property of light.

Illustration for pinhole camera model from the history.

The principle of the camera obscura can be demonstrated with a rudimentary type, just a box(which may be room-sized , or even hangar sized) with a hole in one side. Light from only one part of a scene will pass through the hole and strike a specific part of the back wall. The projection is made on paper on which an artist can then copy the image. Folks at Pixar actually demonstrated this concept on real world.

Concepts you should be aware of regarding to this model :

Image Plane , represent image sensor of the film. In example video above opposite/back wall , the area gets the lights.

Amount of light, how much rays we fire in virtual environment or in this video the all mighty sun (praise it ! ).

Aperture, Just to nit-pick: Apertura means “opening” or “hole”. “To open” (infinitive) in Latin is aperī́re. In example it’s tiny hole that let’s lights go through image plane. In order to actually see things (not just bright white wall) we have to make it small as pinhole so only certain ray lights will go through. Aperture filters out any rays that doesn’t come from correct direction.

Question & Answer = Why the images look reverse in this model ?

Answer = It’s obvious isn’t it ?

Question & Answer = How does changing aperture value (while keeping same amount of rays) affects the image ?

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