UNK assistant professor, Noelle Bohaty uses livestreaming technology to show her craft | State and Regional News

Bohaty, who studied dance at Ohio State University, is fortunate to have a technical background.

“I was really lucky with my MFA program in Ohio that we had an entire dance / movie wing,” she said. “It was really treated like a different genre of dance. Finding the kinetic movement of the camera was just as important as choreographing the bodies in space. I feel very lucky and blessed to have this background. “

Bohaty understands the difference between documenting the dance and creating a video artwork.

“I think it’s important not to think about sticking a camera in a seat where there would be an audience,” she said. “A camera will never take the place of our complicated visual system. But if you think of it as your own choreographic adventure, if you think about bringing a camera closer, that’s different. For example, we had a shot over the stage. This is nothing an audience would ever see except a video shot. “

When working with student choreographers, Bohaty starts out with more traditional attitudes.

“I still try to get the students to do a piece for a proscenium stage or in the group first,” she said. “Then we decide which angles are best for the piece. Once we have our main dance program in place, hopefully we can include a film site and choreograph it specifically for the film before we put it on stage. “