Using Video Conferencing Technology in Court

Use of video conferencing technology in court

In the past 12 months, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought many types of businesses to a standstill, from small and local businesses to government agencies, as buildings had to close.

This included court hearings that saw many courts across England and Wales completely shut down during the height of the virus outbreak.

As the UK continues to fight the spread of the virus through lockdown restrictions and the vaccination program, the judicial system has adapted to a new way of providing its services. Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Services (HMCTS) have worked with them to introduce the use of video technology Kinly Providing a Cloud Video Platform (CVP) so that criminal hearings can take place remotely.

Judges and ideology

What is a cloud video platform?

CVP is an interest-based video meeting service that allows people to collaborate regardless of location or technology. It offers the perfect solution for that Judicial systemThis allows participants to focus on their work instead of trying to manage different technologies.

Because it is so important that the judiciary continues to be served even in difficult times, the cloud video platform can be used in a wide variety of hearings. The cloud video platform is connected to the existing judicial video network that connects police stations and prisons to the courts.

The platform can be used for cases like pre-trial detention, custody, and court hearings, but is not used for cases like legal proceedings.

Advantages of CVP for Trials

The introduction of a cloud video platform provides courts across England and Wales with an interoperable, secure and scalable solution to continue their services without interruption. The CVP will enable all judges and crown courts in England and Wales to conduct safe hearings so that even unprecedented times will not disrupt the hearing process.

In most criminal cases heard in local courts, this video technology can help move people through the system instead of falling further behind like last year.

Attend a CVP hearing

If you have been asked to attend a hearing through the Cloud Video Platform, you do not need to appear in court in person. You should be given information about when your hearing is, and you should Check if you can join with CVP in advance to avoid delaying your hearing.

CVP usually works better in an internet browser, although there is a CVP app for phones and tablets if needed. Remember, CVP will not work in any version of Internet Explorer. You should test your camera, microphone, and speakers, and make sure that you allow the website permissions to access these devices.

Once in the hearing it is a good idea to mute your microphone as the CVP room will focus on the device making the most of the sound.