Vectorly gives Hopin technology boost

Platform for event technology Hopin has acquired the talent and select assets of Vectorly, an AI-based video enhancement technology aimed at enhancing audiovisual experiences.

Sam Bhattacharyya, Vectorly CEO, said, “Hopin is an avid Vectorly customer and is currently using its Software Development Kit (SDK) in a number of products. As we continue to work closely with the Hopin team, joining forces became a natural, impactful next step – and one that will help us continue to develop innovative video communication experiences for Hopin customers and attendees around the world. “

Vectorly intends to use machine learning technology to create stronger connectivity that avoids frozen images during events. In addition, the Vectorly technology will be integrated into Hopin’s multi-product portfolio to provide additional functions such as super resolution for videos and virtual backgrounds.

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