Vendita Technology Announces Commencement of Seed Funding Round

TAMPA, Florida – () – After years of $ 7 million in internal funding, the Tampa Bay Technology sale is now looking for external funding to further develop its offering, Master Automation Solution, MAS.

Vendita hopes to acquire a $ 3 million investment that will be split between development, marketing and operations to take the MAS product to the next level.

“We are already in the marketplace and supported by organizations ranging from Oracle to federal government officials,” said Doug Sullinger, CEO and founder of Vendita. “This salary increase should really help us to accelerate the further development of the product and bring it to a level that goes far beyond what we could currently achieve on our own.”

Sullinger said that after the first round of seeds, Vendita will consider a Series A capital increase to further build on its momentum and gain even more traction.

Vendita offers its customers the next generation of database tools developed on the latest platforms and technologies to enable customers to abandon outdated, insecure tools of yesterday and maximize the value of their investments in people and technology. We manage the databases that manage your data, no matter where it is, on site, in the cloud or hybrid.