January 17, 2021

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8 Links of Separation

Virtual Reality Is Creeping Into Our Lives—Why Virtual Reality Competence Is Becoming Critical | by Daniel Hövermann | The Startup | Nov, 2020

Whenever you take off virtual reality goggles, you have to accommodate the “real” sight. It is different from what you have seen in the virtual world. Sometimes, the virtual world’s images are so comfortable that you don’t want to leave the scene.

And who can judge you for this — you are in perfect company.

Based on crisis reports, people are fleeing into virtual worlds to either disconnect from reality as they seek distraction or to gain control over everything in this world— just like in a PC game.

Movies like “Ready Player One” have a big impact and influence on their viewers. It strengthens the fact that you can be anyone you want — in virtual realms.

Once you escape the gaming scene, you sometimes wish to go back immediately. In reality, there are no cheat codes available, and people don’t act like you want them to act.

One day, virtual reality might be so appealing and realistic that it will be hard to spot the differences. It might even go that far that one day the “real” thing will lose its attractiveness.

That day will be the turning point. You surrender your mind to machinery and a billion-dollar industry. A good future outlook is the fact that VR might already control your sexual drive.

According to some statistics, 60% of all VR-websites are currently porn-focused.

There is not much fantasy needed to imagine what this means for our sex-life. When you can construct your perfect partner in virtual worlds, why would you start flirting again?

You wouldn’t get hurt again, and you can carry out all your fantasies with your VR fantasy. There is no honesty nor bravery needed anymore.

This vision might seem dark and far away, but given the speed of technology advancement and adoption, it is only a matter of a few years. We are already close to the edge.

If you want to prevent it from happening actively, here are possible loopholes:

  • Start meeting people in real life, and feel them again.
  • Reduce the stress level and expectations towards the real world by making small steps, reading positive books, and speaking to friends (make the last point vis-a-vis).
  • Try reading porn literature to create attractive movies in your mind that surpass the ones on platforms, and maybe try to live them in real life with your partner. You will know the real thing always bests the imagination.
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