Were Romans Positive or Negative People? | by Abhishek Verma | Nov, 2020

A special mention to this article’s inspiration: livid.

All in all, this looks like a well-rounded set with words from every walk of life. Let’s see what sentiment analysis says about it.

First of all, what is Sentiment Analysis? Let’s define that.

The assignment of a polarity (negative, positive, or neutral) for a given sentence(s) or phrase, or word.

Usually, you would do Sentiment Analysis on a set of sentences e.g., tweets, customer reviews etc. It is seldom done on words (but, the sentiment of a word is derived from the context it is used in).

from textblob import TextBlobq = ['c', 'cc', 'ccid', 'ccm', 'cd', 'cid', 'cill', 'cimicid', 'civ', 'civic', 'civil', 'cixiid', 'cl', 'cli', 'cliv', 'cm', 'cmd', 'cml', 'cv', 'd', 'dc', 'dd', 'di', 'did', 'dil', 'dill', 'dilli', 'dim', 'div', 'divi', 'divid', 'dix', 'dl', 'dm', 'dx', 'i', 'ic', 'id', 'idic', 'ii', 'iii', 'il', 'ilicic', 'ill', 'im', 'imi', 'imid', 'imidic', 'immi', 'immix', 'iv', 'ix', 'ixil', 'l', 'lc', 'lcd', 'lcm', 'ld', 'li', 'lid', 'lill', 'lim', 'limli', 'liv', 'livid', 'll', 'lm', 'lv', 'lx', 'lxx', 'm', 'mc', 'md', 'mi', 'mid', 'midi', 'mil', 'mild', 'mill', 'mim', 'mimi', 'mimic', 'mix', 'ml', 'mlx', 'mm', 'mmmm', 'mv', 'mxd', 'v', 'vc', 'vd', 'vi', 'vic', 'vii', 'viii', 'vil', 'vild', 'vili', 'vill', 'villi', 'vim', 'vivid', 'vl', 'vv', 'vvll', 'x', 'xc', 'xcl', 'xd', 'xdiv', 'xi', 'xii', 'xiii', 'xiv', 'xix', 'xvi', 'xvii', 'xviii', 'xx', 'xxi', 'xxii', 'xxiii', 'xxiv', 'xxv', 'xxx']sum([TextBlob(i).sentiment.polarity for i in q]) / float(len(q))
# 0.00046296296296296266

Yes, it does. Romans and many of us today are following Stoicism, the neutral path. The neutral path that Romans followed, even shows even if you try to create a disparate connection such as this.


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