Western Digital Unveils 20TB HDD with OptiNAND Technology

Western Digital has introduced the industry’s first 20TB hard drives with an integrated iNAND UFS Embedded Flash Drive (EFD) to improve performance, reliability and capacity. The company’s OptiNAND architecture does not use 3D NAND memory for caching, but instead uses it to store various metadata to improve the key properties of hard drives.

The 20 TB HDDs from Western Digital with OptiNAND technology are based on nine 2.2 TB ePMR disks (Energy-Assisted Vertical Magnetic Recording Technology), a three-stage actuator technology for more precise positioning of the read / write heads, an iNAND -UFS drive of unknown capacity, the 3D uses TLC NAND storage and the company’s custom system-on-chip (SoC) that controls the drive and the communication between the HDD and EFD.