What is Speech Recognition. In the last few years, speech… | by Dominik Sievert | Nov, 2020

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In the last few years, speech recognition has become a big component of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. As a result, this type of technology is only growing more promising. However, most people do not understand what speech recognition actually is. Here is a brief guide to help you get a better understanding of what speech recognition is, why it is so important, and how it might be made accessible to more people.

Speech recognition is indeed one of the tech fields with one of the most advanced and potentially groundbreaking developments in the past decade. The field got its name because it was seen that the lack of good speech recognition was inhibiting business organization and productivity. Nowadays there is no doubt that just about all the computers including smartphones contain speech recognition functionalities.

What’s this thing called speech recognition?

The answer is, “speech recognition is a type of artificial intelligence in which a computer can understand speech.” Generally, it is recognized that “smart” machines are able to understand our speech patterns. In the initial period, some people were amazed that modern-day computers could process a speech pattern. Later, people started to see the potential of speech recognition as an improvement over previous forms of AI. Most notably, speech recognition software accurately perceives human speech and understands it, even in low ambient noises (non-clattery) and low voice levels.

The most accurate techniques involved in speech recognition include reinforcement learning (to reproduce more of the human language that we are familiar with), phoneme learning (to discriminate between two words and has its own specific and artificial product), natural language processing (derived from the processing of signals from speech production apparatus), and natural language processing for which specific speech episodes are investigated.

Speech recognition technology uses a combination of machine learning and natural language processing to read the human voice and use a prediction of the result of the dialogue, based on the available information and similarities between the input device and what it is trying to recognise. The first thing that happens is that an input device is transcribed into a set of words in the output which resemble the way a person’s speech sounds. This means that the users find it easier to speak through the phone or say a simple word like “hello”. Second, computer software listens for the local speech and pronounces it as if it were a human voice. The user picks up the input device after a short warm-up phase and this step can be referred to as “training” the speech recognition software.

Why do you need speech recognition software?

Speech recognition software can be used for a myriad of tasks, including voice search, audio transcription tasks, office tasks such as filing, word processing, e-mail, calendar and much more. Many of the world’s major business organizations are using voice control for business meetings and processing workflow information. Most speech-recognition tools, especially in products developed by tech giants (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc.), are relatively reliable and easy to use.


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