Williamsport Area High School adds EMT course through Pennsylvania College of Technology | News, Sports, Jobs

The Williamsport Area School Board passed several agenda items over an omnibus, including the option for high school students to take an emergency medicine course with the Pennsylvania College of Technology as an elective.

The class counts as a 1.0 elective point and weighs 1.4 credit points on a student’s transcript, meaning they count towards the student’s grade point average and class rank.

The district announced that the cost of attending the course will be borne by the families of the course participants.

The district also separately approved a letter of intent with Mansfield University’s Early Start Program that allows select students to enroll in online, hybrid, or face-to-face courses as non-graduate students, subject to space. Families pay a class fee of US $ 50 per year.

The district also adopted a Declaration on Non-Discrimination as recommended by the State Department of Education under Title VI and Title IX.

The board authorized Bayada Home Health Care Inc. to provide RN / LPN care services to the district as needed at a rate of $ 50 per hour from August 30, 2021 through August. 30. 2022. The board also extended its agreement with Frontline Technologies to provide employee management services for the duration of the 2021-2022 school year for an annual fee of $ 13,129.47.

American rescue workers will provide CPR and first aid training to interested district workers during the week of August 16 at the employee’s expense.

In the quotes and contracts section, the board approved a change order from Weatherproofing Technologies, Inc., providing credit for estimated freight costs for roof repairs for the high school, reducing costs by $ 4,441.

In addition, the board of directors approved an offer from Gutelius Excavating Inc. for the culvert replacement at the middle school at a base bid of USD 128,300 from the capital reserve fund.

In addition, the Executive Board unanimously approved the following agenda items:

• Purchase of 390 SMART Learning Suite licenses from Visual Sound for US $ 10,427 using COSTARs, funded from the technology budget.

• Purchase of IXL Learning-Math for the 2021-22 school year for $ 14,388 through elementary and secondary math budget.

• 2021-22 Classroom Agreements with New Story School to provide six students with special needs and all related services. Four students are paid at $ 276 per day, one at $ 378 per day, and one at $ 510 per day from the special school budget.

• An agreement with the city and city police to provide the district with a school resource officer. The district pays half of the salary and benefits for the 180 days allocated to the district from the student union budget.

• The creation of the Williamsport Millionaire Cornhole Club in high school, advised by Nick Kelley, a teacher at Lycoming Valley Intermediate School.

• Up to 56 professional summer days for secondary school teachers for $ 150 per day.

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