Wisconsin law catches up to technology, expanding the definition of stalking to include texts and social media

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – AWThe isconsin law is finally catching up technology. It extends the Definition of stalking.

When COVID-19 closed courtrooms, tThe criminal justice system went online. Now Prosecutors may use some of the same technologies to incriminate suspects that they use to harass and scare their victims. “AAlmost every stalking case involves some form of electronic communication. This is exactly how we communicate. “Says Tim Gruenke, District Attorney for La Crosse.

A new Wisconsin The law extends the definition of stalking to include send Text message and social media News and posts to theand intended Victim, as good as thThe victim Family, friends and co-workers. “T.These days, putting things out there seems to be one of the ways you can hurt people when you know they are going to see it. eembarrassing photos, things that are supposed to bother people. It’s illegal now. “Says Gruenke who chargit about 50 suspects with stalk everyone Year. “It’s reaching a point where it can overtake your life. You are constantly on the Danger for the person who sends you a threatening or embarrassing message. “, Says Gruenke.

Victim attorneys Expect the new law will lead to more Arrests and required justice to the Victim, who to now cI would do little to stop HarOnline evaluation. “IIt means a lot just because some of our stalking cases can be difficult to prove. “Says Sherri Larsen, Lead Crisis Advocate, New Horizons.

Under Wisconsin law, stalking is a criminal offense that can be punished with up to three and a half years in prison behind bars.