Xiaomi’s new battery technology could increase capacity by 10%

Those new, longer-lasting, smarter batteries will land next year

Xiaomi accepted Weibo announced a “breakthrough” in battery technology yesterday. And contrary to most of the hyperbolic news we usually hear about battery science, these gains sound realistic. The company even says production will start as early as next year.

According to a machine translation of the Weibo post (via Google Lens), the new battery technology promises a 10% increase in capacity for the same volume thanks to an increased silicon content in the electrodes and improved packaging technology that shrinks and bends the control circuits to be flush with the top of the battery, instead of sticking out. In short, this fits more power into a smaller package.


Difference to the Xiaomi battery tech package

See the difference The controller (that black flap) is now flush with the top, which saves some space.

That means that a phone with a battery of, say, 4,000 mAh could squeeze 4,400 mAh into the same physical space in the future. In addition, a type of “fuel gauge chip” (which is a machine translation, might have a different name) offers improved battery safety and life with built-in features to support intelligent overnight charging. Many newer smartphones can prevent a battery from reaching 100% until they expect you to take it off the charger in the morning to reduce unnecessary wear and tear on the battery overnight, but Xiaomi is bringing this technology right to the battery controller itself. It has also other security functions, such as integrated temperature management and other related analyzes.

However, other battery technologies like graphene are finally making an appearance in consumer products they are not all very good. But the charging technology for charging is also improving. A few months ago, Xiaomi launched his new 120W charging technology – that’s pretty fast, but not all Xiaomi phones support it at this full speed. We also have the new USB Power Delivery Standard that can deliver up to 240 W via a USB-C cable.

Every few months we hear great promises and scientific articles explaining how some new technologies will provide ridiculous battery density and performance. These technologies are rarely really used. While battery technology has improved a lot over the years, it has been a slow and steady series of improvements. Xiaomi’s 10% profit isn’t huge here, but it could actually end in something you’re about to buy. Xiaomi says production of its new batteries will start in the second half of next year.

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