Xperi Celebrates 15th Anniversary of HD Radio Technology in BMW Cars in North America

SAN JOSE, California – () –Xperi Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: XPER) (“Xperi”) recognizes the 15ththe Anniversary of the introduction of HD Radio, the world’s most successful commercial digital radio system, in a US vehicle. In September 2005, HD radio technology became the BMW Group described in a press release at the time as ‘one of the most significant advances in the history of radio’ was first launched as an option in the BMW models of the 7 and 6 series from 2006.

There is no question that as the first auto partner for the HD radio system, the BMW Group helped revolutionize dashboard entertainment 15 years ago by pioneering the introduction of digital radio in vehicles and providing advanced radio services to car owners “said Jeff Jury, Xperi SVP and General Manager, Connected Car. “We are grateful for the innovative thinking of the BMW Group, which continues to bring future-oriented technologies into vehicles and help shape the future of the driving experience. ”Today, HD radio is standard in all BMW models in the USA.

HD radio technology was introduced in 2006 model year vehicles and is a digital broadcast system for AM and FM radio stations. It sends a digital signal over traditional radio frequencies and enables up to three additional channels with new audio programs with crystal clear, interference-free sound as well as screen information such as: album covers, station logos, song and artist information, traffic, weather and critical emergency warnings.

Today, HD radio is available in more than 75 million cars worldwide, and it is estimated that it has reached more than 85 billion listening hours in cars since 2005. More than 95 percent of Americans are able to receive an HD radio signal, with 79% of all radios being listening to stations broadcast over HD Radio Technology

Building on 15 years of success and innovation in HD radio, Xperi has developed a wider range of solutions that, in addition to HD radio, are designed to enhance the in-vehicle experience: DTS AutoSense and DTS AutoStage. DTS AutoSense includes presence and driver monitoring systems implemented at the edge. Based on the largest and deepest set of broadcast and music metadata, DTS AutoStage combines over-the-air broadcast with IP-delivered content for a robust, richer, and more personalized infotainment experience in the cabin.

As vehicles offer more and more immersive entertainment functions to vehicle occupants, it is important to continue to develop technologies that ensure that these richer experiences can be safely consumed and enjoyed as the main aspect, which the BMW Group continues to do, ”said the jury. “Xperi and the BMW Group have teamed up to develop the future of the driving experience in the cabin. ”

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